PedalCurrent drawBypass
95Q Crybaby2 mABuffered (manual says ”hardwire”)
105Q Bass Wah10 mABuffered
535 Wah (early 18vDC version)
535Q Wah2 mATrue*
AT95 Akira Takasaki Crybaby Fuzz Wah7 mABuffered
BD95 Billy Duffy Crybaby Wah8 mABuffered
BFG07 Siete Santos Octavio Fuzz18 mA
BG95 Buddy Guy Crybaby Wah4 mATrue
CBJ95 Crybaby Junior3 mATrue
CBM95 Crybaby Mini Wah<1 mATrue
CBM105Q Crybaby Mini Bass Wah7 mABuffered
CBM535Q Crybaby Mini 535Q Wah, CBM535AR (Auto Return)3 mATrue
CM95 Clyde McCoy Crybaby<1 mAHardwire
CSP030 Q-Zone Fixed Wah14 mA
DB01/DB01B Dime Crybaby from Hell3 mABuffered
DB-02 Dime Crybaby Custom2 mATrue**
DD95FW Daredevil Fuzz Wah<1 mATrue
EJF1 Eric Johnson Fuzz Face<1 mATrue
EP101 Echoplex Preamp12 mATrue
EP103 Echoplex Delay240 mATrue/buffered
EVH95 EVH Wah2 mATrue
FFM1 Silicon Fuzz Face Mini4 mATrue
FFM2 Germanium Fuzz Face Mini4 mATrue
FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini? (less than 5 mA)True
FFM4 Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face Mini2 mATrue
FFM6 Hendrix Band of Gypsys Mini Fuzzface5 mATrue
GCB-65 CryBaby Custom Badass Wah3 mATrue
GCB-95 CryBaby Wah<1 mAHardwire
GCB-95F Crybaby Classic2 mATrue
GC95/GCJ95 Gary Clark Jr. Crybaby<1 mA?
GZR95 Geezer Butler Crybaby Wah3 mABuffered
JB95 Joe Bonamassa Crybaby Wah2 mAHardwire/true (selectable)
JBF3B Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face2 mATrue
JC95 Jerry Cantrell Crybaby Wah
JC95FFS Firefly
1 mAHardwire
JCT95 Justin Chancellor Crybaby wah/fuzz48 mABuffered
JD4S Rotovibe Chorus/Vibrato11 mABuffered
JDF2 Germanium Fuzz Face<1 mATrue
JH-OC1 Octavio4 mA
JHF1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face<1 mATrue
JHF3 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face (large)4 mATrue
JHM5 Jimi Hendrix Fuzzface Distortion4 mATrue
JHM6 Jimi Hendrix Octavio Fuzz6 mATrue
JHM7 Jimi Hendrix Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato5 mATrue
JHM8 Jimi Hendrix Gypsy Fuzz5 mA
JHM9 Jimi Hendrix Crybaby Mini Wah<1 mA
JHW2 ’69 Psych Series Octavio Fuzz5 mATrue
JP95 John Petrucci Crybaby Wah13 mATrue
KH95 Kirk Hammett Crybaby Wah4 mAHardwire
LN95 Leo Nocentelli Mardi Gras Crybaby<1 mAHardwire
MC403 CAE Wah7 mATrue
QZ1 Crybaby Q-ZoneHardwire
SC95 Slash Crybaby Classic3 mATrue**
(Website says ”true bypass”, manual says ”Hardwire DPDT bypass”)
SW95 Slash Wah18vDC, 18 mATrue
TBM95 Tom Morello Crybaby Wah<1 mA?
ZW45 Zakk Wylde Crybaby Wah<1 mAHardwire

*Note 1: The 535Q originally came with two misplaced resistors, effectively making it ”hardwire”. They were omitted from later revisions, but you can look for them in yours. If R41 and R42 (above the input/output jacks) are present, the pedal is not fully true bypass. Removing them restores the true bypass function.

**Note 2: Some (or all) DB-02 pedals have a misplaced circuit trace making them ”hardwire”, even though everything else is wired for true bypass (read more about it here). The DB-02 circuit board is based on that of the GCB-95F, and while the Classic doesn’t seem to have had this issue, it may or may not be present in other pedals that are based on the Classic (for instance early revisions of the SC95 Slash Classic).

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