PedalCurrent draw
Standard pedals
Bad Monkey17 mA (stated)
Death Metal21 mA (stated)
Grunge21 mA (stated)
Hot Head17 mA (stated)
Screamin’ Blues23 mA (stated)

Bass Driver Overdrive/Distortion120 mA
Bass Squeeze80 mA
Bass Synth Wah86 – 116 mA (different measurements received)
DigiDelay180 mA
DigiVerb125 / 148 mA
Hot Rod Rock Distortion?
Hyper Phase110 mA
Main Squeeze50 / 100 mA
Metal Master100+ mA
Multi Chorus110 mA
Synth Wah110 mA
Tone Driver52 mA
Turbo Flange?

Hardwire series
CM-2 Tube Overdrive25 mA (stated)
CR-7 Stereo Chorus80 mA (stated)
DL-8 Delay/Looper70 mA (stated)
HT-2 Chromatic Tuner40 mA (stated)
HT-6 Polyphonic Tuner40 mA (stated)
RV-7 Stereo Reverb75 mA (stated)
SC-2 Valve Distortion20 mA (stated)
Supernatural Ambient Reverb75 mA (stated)
TL-2 Metal Distortion25 mA (stated)
TR-7 Tremolo/Rotary70 mA (stated)

DirtyRobot75 mA
Drop9vDC, 250 mA
EX-7 Expression Factory9vAC, 350 mA
iStomp9vDC, 150 mA (stated)
JamMan Express XT9vDC, 150 mA
JamMan Solo XT9vDC, 350 mA
JamMan Stereo (9vDC version)9vDC, 810 mA max
(note that there are older versions of this pedal that runs on 9vAC – do NOT confuse them, and especially not their adapters!)
JamMan Vocal XT9vDC, 200 mA (400 mA max)
JamMan XT9vDC, 200 mA (adapter specs)
Luxe9vDC, <200 mA
Mosaic9vDC, 250 mA
Obscura Altered Delay9vDC, 115 mA
PDS 20/209vDC, 45 mA (active)
Polara9vDC, 75 mA
SDRUM9vDC, 500 mA
Timebender9vAC (early models) or 9vDC (later models), roughly 800 mA
Trio Band Generator9vDC, 500 mA
Trio+ Band Creator+Looper9vDC, 450 mA (measured)
Vocalist Live Harmony9vDC, 800 mA
Whammy I – IV9vAC, approx 800 mA
Whammy 5th generation9vDC center negative, 185 mA (the manual states <265 mA)
Whammy DT9vDC center negative, less than 288 mA (stated)
Whammy Ricochet9vDC center negative, 235 mA

Diamond Pedals