PedalCurrent draw
Micro series
@Wah Digital Auto Wah120 mA
Acoustikar<5 mA
Ana Echo26 mA
Audiofile Headphone Amplifier50 mA
Baby Tuner90 mA
Baby Water110 mA
Black Secret3 mA
Blade20 mA
Blue Comp7 mA
Blue Faze3 mA
Blues Crab6 mA
Blues Mood14 mA
Cruncher7 mA
Echolizer40 mA
Echoverb160 mA
Eleclady10 mA
Ensemble King9 mA
Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus130 mA
Envelope20 mA
Flex Boost6 mA
Fog Bass Fuzz40 mA
Funky Monkey128 mA
Graphic G, Graphic B7 mA
Green Mile7 mA
Grey Faze40 mA
Groove Loop
Hustle Drive6 mA
Jet Engine160 mA
Liquid130 mA
LoFi Machine128 mA
Micro ABY / ABY Mk2? (specs say 40 mA, but power is only needed for the LED, and it most likely doesn’t draw that much)
Micro Buffer20 mA (40 mA also stated)
Micro DI12 mA
Micro Drummer95 mA
Micro Drummer II120 mA
Micro Looper140 mA
Micro Looper II120 mA
Mod Factory128 mA
Mod Factory MkII160 mA
Modverb160 mA
Mooergan Organ Sim? (but I suspect 128 or 160 mA)
Ninety Orange5 mA
Noise Killer26 mA
Pitch Box128 mA
Pure Boost6 mA
Pure Octave128 mA
Purer Octave120 mA
Radar195 mA @ 12vDC (225 mA measured @ 9vDC)
Rage Machine128 mA
Reecho128 mA
Repeater Digital Delay128 mA
Rumble Drive40 mA
ShimVerb128 mA
Sky Verb128 mA
Slow Engine128 mA
Solo (distortion)11 mA
Soul Shiver128 mA
Sweeper7 mA
Tender Octaver128 mA
Tender Octaver MkII150 mA
The Juicer20 mA
Thunderball10 mA
Trelicopter5 mA
TresCab128 mA
Triangle Buff3 mA
Triangolo160 mA
Ultra Drive6 mA
Ultra Drive MkII40 mA
Varimolo130 mA
WoodVerb130 mA
Yellow Comp10 mA

”New Micro” (7) series
A7 Ambiance Reverb200 mA
D7 Delay200 mA
E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth150 mA
R7 Reverb200 mA
Tone Capture GTR150 mA

Preamp series
00x Micro preamps300 mA
Preamp Live9-12vDC, 1A

Mini/Wah series
Expline35 mA
Free Step Wah/Volume70 mA
Fuh Wah (fuzz wah)128 mA
Golden Age128 mA
Lemon Wah128 mA
Leveline Volume Pedal40 mA
Mosai Tone128 mA
Phaser Player128 mA
Pitch Step180 mA
Red Kid128 mA
The Wahter128 mA

Twin series
Reecho Pro210 mA
Reverie Chorus130 mA
Reverie Reverb130 mA
ShimVerb Pro210 mA

Spark series
Spark Chorus40 mA
Spark Compressor50 mA
Spark Delay60 mA
Spark Distortion70 mA
Spark Echo60 mA
Spark Flanger90 mA
Spark Overdrive40 mA
Spark Reverb160 mA
Spark Tremolo60 mA

X2 series
CAB X2 Stereo Cabinet Simulator300 mA
Drummer X2300 mA
D7 X2 Delay300 mA
Groove Loop X2300 mA
Harmony X2300 mA
Looper X2300 mA
Preamp Model X300 mA
R7 X2 Reverb300 mA
Tender Octaver X2300 mA

Black Truck, Red Truck1A (1000mA) recommended
Ocean Machine (Devin Townsend signature delay/reverb/looper)370 mA (one report the pedal working well on a 200 mA supply)
Pedal Controller PCL6350 mA

Note: For the ”New Micro” and ”X2” series, most of the figures are the adapter capacity (200 and 300 mA, respectively) recommended by Mooer. Actual current draw may be less, depending on the pedal.