PedalPower supply specs
Big Sky9vDC, 300 mA
Blue Sky9vDC, 250 mA
Brigadier9vDC, 250 mA
Deco9vDC, 250 mA
Dig9vDC, 250 mA
El Capistan9vDC, 250 mA
Flint9vDC, 250 mA
Lex9vDC, 250 mA
Mobius9vDC, 300 mA
OB.19vDC, 20 mA
Ola9vDC, 250 mA
Orbit9vDC, 250 mA
Riverside9vDC, 250 mA
Sunset9vDC, 250 mA (225 mA measured)
Timeline9vDC, 300 mA
Volante9vDC, 300 mA (255 mA measured)

Note: the above figures are all from Strymon, and represent maximum input voltage and minimum supply current. This means the actual current draw will be less than the stated figure. However, except for the OB.1 these are power-hungry devices which can vary their current draw quite a bit depending on what they do at the moment. I’ve chosen to list the requirements as described by Strymon, as they represent what’s needed under all possible circumstances.


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