PedalCurrent draw
BigSky246 mA
Blue SkyV1: 250 mA
V2: 300 mA
Brig250 mA
Brigadier250 mA
Cloudburst250 mA
Compadre150 mA
Conduit MIDI Hub50 mA
DecoV1: 250 mA
V2: 300 mA
DigV1: 250 mA
V2: 300 mA
El CapistanV1: 250 mA
V2: 300 mA
FlintV1: 250 mA
V2: 300 mA
Iridium500 mA
LexV1: 250 mA
V2: 300 mA
Mobius300 mA
NightSky300 mA
OB.120 mA
Ola250 mA
Orbit250 mA
Riverside250 mA
Sunset250 mA (225 mA measured)
Timeline300 mA
Ultraviolet Vintage Vibe250 mA
Volante263 mA
Zelzah300 mA

Note: the above figures are from Strymon, and represent minimum supply current capacity. This means the actual current draw will be less than the stated figure (as can be seen with the couple of pedals that also have actual/measured figures listed). However, except for the OB.1 these are power-hungry devices which can vary their current draw quite a bit depending on what they do at the moment. I’ve chosen to list the requirements as described by Strymon, as they represent what the manufacturer guarantees will make them work under all possible circumstances.

Voltage and polarity is 9vDC, center negative throughout.

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