PedalCurrent draw
Acoustic DIapprox 7 mA
American Womanapprox 10 mA
Bass Compactor11 mA
Bass Driver Deluxeapprox 7 mA
Bass Driver DI, Bass Driver DI v2approx 6 mA
Boost Chorus, Bass Boost Chorus50 mA
Boost Comp5 mA
Boost Distortion, Boost Fuzz, Bass Boost Fuzz, Boost Overdrive5 mA
Boost DLA, Boost DLA Tap Tempo, Boost DLA Tap Tempo v250 mA
Boost RVB, Boost RVB w/ Trails, Boost RVB w/ Trails v250 mA
Character series, Character series V2approx 5 mA
Character Deluxe seriesapprox 7 mA
Character Plus series
(English Muffy, Fuzzy Brit, Mop Top Liverpool, Screaming Blonde)
approx 55 mA
Comptortion12 mA
DI-211218vDC, 55 mA
Double Drive, Double Drive 3X5 mA
DP-3X dUg Pinnick Signatureapprox 100 mA
Fly Rig 5, Brit Fly Rig 5, Cali Fly Rig 5, Ritche Kotzen Fly Rig 5 (all v1)12vDC, 100 mA
Fly Rig 5 v29vDC, 150 mA
Fly Rig Acoustic, Fly Rig Bass (v1 and 2)9vDC, 100 mA
Hot Rod Plexi5 mA
MIDI Mongoose, MIDI Mouse9vDC, 15 mA via battery/power supply, or:
8-15vDC (any polarity) via MIDI cable
MP40 approx 30 mA
Para Driver DI (v1, v2)approx 5 mA
PL1 Paul Landers Fly Rig9vDC, 100 mA
Programmable Bass Driver DIapprox 7 mA
PSA 2.0approx 70 mA
Q/Strip5 mA
Red Ripper5 mA
RK5 Ritchie Kotzen Fly Rig v29vDC, 150 mA
RotoChoir50 mA
SansAmp Classic
SansAmp GT2approx 4 mA
SansAmp Tri-ACapprox 5 mA
SansAmp YYZapprox 21 mA
SH1 Steve Harris Signatureapprox 60 mA
Tri-O.D.10 mA
VT Bass DIapprox 6 mA
YYZ Shape-Shifterapprox 30 mA

TC Electronic
The GigRig