PedalCurrent draw
BassRig ’64 Black Panel9vDC, 150 mA*
BassRig Super Vintage9vDC, 150 mA*
Cali76 STD9vDC, 9 mA
18vDC, 21 mA
Cali76 Stacked Edition9-18vDC, 100 mA
Cali76 TX/TX-L9vDC, 9 mA
18vDC, 64 mA
Cali76 TX-P/TX-P-LDon’t know, but probably same as above
Cali76 Compact9vDC, 42 mA
18vDC, 58 mA
Cali76 Compact Bass9vDC, 78 mA
18vDC, 103 mA
Cali76 Compact Deluxe9vDC, 77 mA
18vDC, 104 mA
DCX Bass, DCX Boost9vDC, 90 mA
Deluxe61 Amp Tremolo & Drive9vDC, 100 mA*
Halcyon Green Overdrive9vDC, 80 mA
M-EQ Driver9vDC, 80 mA
Magma57 Amp Vibrato & Drive9vDC, 100 mA*
RD Compact Hot Rod9vDC, 100 mA*
RevivalDrive, RevivalDrive Custom9vDC, 120 mA*
RevivalDrive Compact9vDC, 100 mA*
RevivalDrive Switcher Interface9vDC, 5 mA
SlideRIG9vDC, 9 mA
(current draw at 18vDC may be 21mA)
SlideRIG Compact Deluxe9vDC, 77 mA
18vDC, 102 mA

*Note: 9vDC only! Voltage is internally doubled, and using higher input voltages may damage the pedal.

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