PedalCurrent drawVoltage/notes
Acoustic Pedal18vDC, center positive
Amp Detonator ABY12 mA9-12vDC
Bax Bangeetar81 mA max9-12vDC*
Distortion3 mA @ 9vDC9-12vDC
Fur Coat3-5 mA9-12vDC
Getaway Driver30-40 mA9-12vDC
Kongpressor35 mA max9-12vDC*
OMEC Teleport85 mA9vDC
Phaser17 mA @ 9vDC9-12vDC
Sustain7 mA @ 9vDC9-12vDC
Terror Stamp2A15vDC, center positive
The Bass Butler, The Guitar Butler18vDC, center positive
Two Stroke28 mA @ 9vDC9-12vDC*

* Internal voltage booster – do not exceed max input voltage!

Some of the Orange pedals say ”9vDC” on the pedal itself, while the manual and website states 9-12vDC as the input voltage range. In this list, I’ve followed the manual and website.

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