PedalCurrent draw
Micro series
V2 Distortion10 mA
V3 Metal20 mA
V4 Fuzz Screamer15 mA
V5 Delay40 mA
V6 Phaser King70 mA
V7 Tube Drive40 mA
V8 Chorus Vibrato25 mA
V9 Lemon Squeezer9vDC, 20 mA (Note: I have also seen figures of 9vDC, 50 mA for this pedal, which may be a recommended minimum adapter capacity.)
V9 Lemon Squeezer 18v Pro Edition18vDC
V10 Amp Litone (boost)30 mA
V11 Noise Gate20 mA
V12 ABY Mini10 mA (for LED operation only)
V13 Mini DI12 mA
V21 Echoman Analog Delay9vDC, 80 mA (minimum adapter capacity)

Professional series
W1 Wave Phaser18vDC, 50 mA
W2 Overdrive Fuzz18vDC, 50 mA
W3 Memory Analog Delay9vDC, 100 mA

Signature series
B1 Bass Squeezer
O1 Tube Squasher Overdrive40 mA
O2 Sweet Leo35 mA
T1 Golden Brownie Distortion5 mA
T2 Dynarock10 mA