PedalCurrent draw
Bliss Factory50 mA
Blooper150 mA
Brothers60 mA
Condor70 mA
Dark World150 mA
(200+ mA capacity recommended)
Faves20 mA
Generation Loss MKI150 mA
Generation Loss MKII250 mA
Gravitas Analog Tremolo20 mA (9-18vDC)
Habit: Echo Controller150 mA
Lossy400 mA
(200+ mA capacity recommended)
Spectre Analog TZ Flanger50 mA
Thermae Analog Timeshifter150 mA
Tonal Recall150 mA
Tonal Recall Red Knob Mod150 mA
Warped Vinyl MKI
Warped Vinyl MKII25 mA
Warped Vinyl HiFi70 mA (100 mA stated)
Wombtone MKI50 mA
Wombtone MKII Analog Phaser50 mA

Automatone series
CXM 1978 Reverb500 mA
Preamp MKII500 mA

Note: In their spec sheets and manuals, Chase Bliss uses the tilde (”~”) sign to say ”approximately XX mA”. In other places, the tilde sign can also denote AC voltage, which can be misleading. Therefore, to avoid any confusion I have removed all the tilde signs from this list. All current draw figures are therefore to be taken as ”approximately” the stated number. Now, it stands to reason that Chase Bliss would be fairly conservative when stating their figures. he so the actual current draw probably won’t be above that number.

Also note that except where specified, Chase Bliss pedals should not be powered above 9 volts DC.

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