PedalCurrent drawBypass
CSP026 ’74 Vintage [Handwired] Phase 903 mAHardwire
CSP027 Timmy3 mATrue hardwire
CSP028 1976 Handwired Dynacomp1 mAHardwire
CSP033 Il Torino Overdrive5 mABuffered
CSP035 Shin-Juku Drive10 mA
CSP036 Il Diavolo Overdrive5 mATrue
CSP039 Duke of Tone6 mATrue
CSP041 Hybrid Fuzz2.5 mATrue
CSP042 Double Down11 mATrue/buffered
CSP099 Phase 9924 mAHardwire
CSP101SL Custom Shop Script Phase 909 mARev A: Hardwire
Rev B and higher: True
CSP102SL Script Dyna Comp3 mATrue
CSP105 ’75 Vintage Phase 45<1 mAHardwire
CSP202 Custom Comp4 mATrue
CSP203 La Machine Fuzz3 mATrue
CSP204 Custom Comp Deluxe3 mATrue
DD11 Dime Distortion18vDC, 14 mAHardwire
EG74 (Eric Gales) Raw Dawg Overdrive6 mATrue
EVH30 EVH 5150 Chorus95 mATrue/buffered
EVH90 EVH Phaser9 mAHardwire
EVH117 EVH Flanger18vDC, 35 mAHardwire
EVH5150 5150 Overdrive15 mATrue
JHM6 Jimi Hendrix Octavio Fuzz6 mATrue
JHM7 Jimi Hendrix Uni-vibe Chorus/Vibrato5 mATrue
M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato [small box]5 mATrue
M75 Super Badass Distortion10 mATrue
M76 Studio Compressor20 mATrue
M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D.4 mATrue
M78 Custom Badass ’78 Distortion6 mA maxTrue
M80 Bass DI+9 mABuffered
M81 Bass Preamp9 mA1/4″ output:
Buffered or Hardwire (Direct out ON)
Buffered or True (Direct out OFF)
M82 Bass Envelope Filter6 mATrue
M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe30 mAMono: True
Stereo: Hardwire
M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe11 mATrue
M85 Bass Distortion11 mATrue
M87 Bass Compressor20 mATrue
M89 Bass Overdrive19 mA
M94SE Fat Sugar Drive19 mATrue/buffered
M101 Phase 90 (and vintage models)4 mAVintage and M101 Rev A: Hardwire
M101 Rev B and up: True
M102 Dyna Comp4 mARev E or lower: Hardwire
Rev F or higher: True
M103 Blue Box5 mAHardwire
M104 Distortion + (and vintage models)3 mAHardwire
M107 Phase 1006 mAHardwire
M108/KFK-1 10 band EQ18vDC, 26 mARev E and lower: Hardwire
Rev F and higher: True
M108S 10 band EQ [silver version]18vDC, 48 mATrue
M109 6 band EQ [black version]3 mAHardwire
M109S 6 band EQ [silver version]15 mATrue
M115 Distortion III4 mATrue
M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion20 mATrue
M117/M117R Flanger18vDC, 39 mAHardwire
M132 Super Comp4 mARev E or lower: Hardwire
Rev F or higher: True
M133 Micro Amp3 mAHardwire
M134 Stereo Chorus18vDC, 26 mABuffered
M135 Smart Gate15 mAHardwire
M148 Micro Chorus5 mATrue
M152 Micro Flanger7 mATrue
M169 Carbon Copy analog delay (also M169SE ”bright” version)12 mA measured (26 mA max stated)True
M173 Classic 108 Fuzz3 mATrue
M181 (Bass) Blow Torch Distortion18vDC, 9 mATrue
M193 GT-OD Overdrive3 mAHardwire
M195 Noise Clamp13 mABuffered
M222 Talk Box18vDC, ? mA
(comes with its own 18vDC, 1000mA power supply)
M225 Sub Machine Fuzz7 mABuffered
M228 Dyna Comp Deluxe11 mA
M233 Micro Amp +7 mATrue
M234 Analog Chorus13 mABuffered
M236 Super Badass Variac Fuzz17 mA
M249 Super Badass Dynamic O.D.6 mATrue
M250 Double-Double Overdrive14 mATrue
M251 FOD Drive11 mATrue
M264 FET Driver25 mATrue
M267 Octavio Fuzz5 mATrue
M279 Deep Phase18 mATrue
M280 Vintage Bass Octave45 mATrue
M281 Thump Bass Preamp9 mATrue
M282 Dyna Comp Bass11 mA
M287 Sub Octave Bass Fuzz55 mATrue
M288 Bass Octave Deluxe14 mATrue
M290 Phase 958 mATrue
M291 Dyna Comp Mini4 mATrue
M292 Carbon Copy Deluxe44 mA maxTrue
M293 Booster Mini13 mATrue
M294 Sugar Drive19 mATrue/buffered
M296 Classic 108 Fuzz Mini3 mATrue
M299 Carbon Copy Mini26 mATrue
M300 Reverb240 mATrue/buffered
M303 Clone Looper225 mAn/a
M305 Tremolo190 mATrue/buffered
M306 Poly Blue Octave265 mATrue
M309 Joshua Ambient Echo300 mATrue/buffered
MC401 CAE Boost/Linedriver2 mATrue
MC402 CAE Boost/Overdrive6 mATrue
MC406 CAE Buffer43 mAReverts to true bypass if power is lost
SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz17 mATrue
TBM1 Tom Morello Power 50 Overdrive12 mATrue
WA38 Wylde Audio Chorus13 mABuffered
ZW38 Black Label Chorus13 mABuffered
ZW44 Berzerker Overdrive3 mAHardwire