PedalCurrent drawVoltage/info
Modern ”small” pedals
(labeled ”Mu-Tron”)
Baby Phase40 mA
Bi-Phase II260 mA9-12vDC (12vDC ”ideal”, but 9vDC works fine too)
Boostron II15 mA
Micro-Tron III
Micro-Tron IV
52 mA
Mini Mu25 mA
Octave Divider(modern Mu-Tron 9vDC version)
Octavider Plus
Phasor III115 mA
Ripper15 mA
Tremu-Tron15 mA
TubeTron15 mA

Mu-FX series*
Boostron 3?9vDC
Octave Divider<200 mA12vAC
Phasor 2X<200 mA12vAC
Tru-Tron 3X<200 mA12vAC

Note: Voltage/polarity is 9vDC center negative, unless otherwise specified.

* The ”Mu-FX by Mike Beigel” series were the first ”reboot” of Musitronics, with smaller (but not as small as the current units) size boxes. Those were mostly 12vAC-powered, and can be seen as a halfway house between the vintage/large (and mostly mains-powered) pedals and the current modern/small 9vDC pedals. See the picture to the right for an example of the Mu-FX series pedals.

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