PedalCurrent draw
Wah/volume pedals
APW-3 Vintage Power Wah14 mA
APW-5 Dual Mode Power Wah14 mA
APW-7 Dual Mode Whish Wah14 mA
VPL-1 Active Volume Pedal14 mA

Custom series
ADL-2 Analog Delay27 mA
CDV-1 Cool Drive12 mA
CHR-3 Stereo Chorus9 mA
DBT-1 Dual Booster8 mA
FZT-1 Fuzztown10 mA
RSV-3 Resovibe7 mA
TWH-1 Twinhead8 mA

Mini Pedal series
MBD Blues Drive8 mA
MBM Baroque Metal8 mA
MCE Chorus Ensemble15 mA
MRR Rock’n Roll8 mA
MTB Tone Booster7 mA
MTE Tape Echo15 mA

Black Air (SE) / Boutique (Q) series
SE-7DB 70’s Drive Blender6 mA
SE-ADL/Q-ADL Analog Delay23 mA
SE-BEQ Bass EQ & Tuner45 mA (Artec says 27 mA)
SE-CMP/Q-CMP Turbo Compressor7 mA
SE-CRM/Q-CRM Crazy Metal8 mA
SE-DDB Drive Blender4 mA
SE-DI2 Active DI-box/splitter1.5 mA
SE-EQ8 Graphic EQ22 mA
SE-FLG/Q-FLG Vintage Flanger14 mA
SE-GEQ Graphic EQ & Tuner27 mA (probably 45 mA)
SE-HPG/Q-HPG Hyper Gain25 mA
SE-NGT/Q-NGT Noise Gate11 mA
SE-OCT Octave Drive5 mA
SE-OE3 Acoustic EQ4 mA
SE-PEQ Parametric Equalizer15 mA
SE-PTN Matrix Pedal Tuner28 mA (0 in bypass)
SE-SLD/Q-SLD Soloist Distortion8 mA
SE-SWB A/B box4 mA (for LED only)
SE-VCH/Q-VCH Vintage Chorus28 mA
SE-VPH/Q-VPH Vintage Phase Shifter14 mA
SE-VTM Vintage Tremolo8 mA

Legend series
LE-XXX (all pedals in this series)100 mA max (blanket figure – actual current draw will be less)

TD3 TriDrive System
TD4 TriDrive Plus
<10 mA
VC-GTB Germanium PNP Treble BoosterPositive ground but compatible with negative ground pedals (uses onboard voltage converter, so 9vDC only)

Note: With the odd exception, all figures are from the Artec website. To me, some of them seem suspiciously low, and at least the bass eq/tuner did measure quite a bit more than what Artec specified. So be prepared to give these some headroom. And if you have one of these pedals and access to a multimeter, feel free to measure it and let me know the results.

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