PedalCurrent draw
Acoustic Preverb130 mA
Bubbler Analog Chorus80 mA
Compugilist Compressor/Distortion75 mA
Downtown Express Bass Multi Effects400 mA
Dual Marine Layer Reverb150 mA
Duel Pugilist Distortion165 mA
Engager Boost50 mA (30 mA)
Full Moon Distortion110 mA (80 mA)
Level Set Buffer64 mA (14 mA)
Lost Highway Phaser80 mA
Marine Layer Reverb115 mA (71 mA)
Mirror Image Delay138 mA (72 mA)
MTG Tube Distortion290 mA
MTG: LA Tube Distortion260 mA
MTG Tube Tremolo250 mA (manual says 200 - this is possibly with control knob LED's off)
Pour Over Envelope Filter75 mA
Pugilist Distortion88 mA (22 mA)
Reflecting Pool Delay & Reverb250 mA
Santa Ana Overdrive150 mA (120 mA)
Smolder Acoustic Overdrive105 mA
The Bends Compressor60 mA (15 mA)
The Pelt Fuzz50 mA (30 mA)
The Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator350 mA
The Trapper Dual Fuzz80 mA
Trapper Bass Distortion140 mA
Tread-Light Volume/Expression
Tread-Light Wah
Tre-Verb Digital Reverb & Tremolo350 mA
Note: the lower figure (in parenthesis) is with the control knob LED's switched off. If there is only one figure noted, it might be possible to lower that current draw by switching them off.
”Racing stripe” series
Chorus30 mA
Delay40 mA
Distort10 mA
Drive10 mA
FWP-1 Wah10 mA
Micro Comp10 mA
Micro ABY8 mA (for LED operation only)
Micro DI12 mA
Micro EQ7 mA
Mustang Floor12vDC, 500mA (center positive)
PT-10 Pedal Tuner40 mA
PT-100 Pedal Tuner35 mA max
Runaway Feedback pedal150 mA
Yngwie Malmsteen Overdrive10 mA

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