PedalCurrent draw
Budi Clean Boost10 mA
DJ1 Darryl Jones Bass Overdrive6 mA
Galea11 mA
Jan Ray (+MA and TF versions)5 mA
Karen6 mA
Myriad Fuzz2 mA
Myriad Hybrid Fuzz+Loop(Mix)181 mA (seems a bit much to me)
Neoplex2 mA
Oz2 mA
Rage e10 mA
Shanks II, Shanks 4K2 mA
Shanks 3K4 mA
Shanks ODS-125 mA

Note: Except the fuzz pedals, all Vemuram pedals are said to be safe up to 18vDC. However, Vemuram recommends 9vDC, since that’s what they were designed for, and clearly state that they will not be responsible for any damage caused by voltages higher than 9vDC. So 9vDC it is 🙂

Victory Amps