PedalCurrent drawVoltage info
Boost ‘n’ Buff10 mA
Boost ’n’ Buff v510 mA9vDC only
Classic Distortion11 mA
Cross Over Drive v25 mA9vDC only
Crunch Box<5 mA
Distortion<5 mA
Lo-Fi Delay30 mA9vDC only
Megalith Delta8 mA9vDC only
Pollyanna15 mA
Super Blues Pro v210 mA9vDC only
Super Crunch Box v215 mA9vDC only

Note: Most newer MI Audio/Effects designs have onboard voltage boosters, and should therefore never be powered above 9vDC. The Boost ’n’ Buff is now at version 5, and I can’t say at which version this happened.