PedalCurrent draw
B1p Bass Preamp250 mA
BC2xl Bass Preamp320 mA
BC3xl Stereo Bass Preamp390 mA
BCB-1 Blue Clean Boost90 mA
F2p Tube Preamp1300 mA
G2xl Guitar Preamp(probably similar to BC2xl)
HD-1 Harmonic Driver127 mA
L4 Compressor72 mA
L5 Multi Filter156 mA
LM-1 Dynamic Limiter200 mA
NanoLab Bass Preamp, Guitar Preamp210 mA
TR3b Triple Band EQ (all 4 versions)96 mA

Note: Many Suncoast products use internal DC-DC converters to provide +/-15vDC, so input voltage is 9vDC only. Also, most of the current draw figures are noted as being at ”idle” – this could mean slightly higher draw when playing. Make sure to provide some headroom, as always (don’t run a 96 mA pedal from a 100mA output).