PedalCurrent draw
Alberta7 mA
Alberta II20 mA
Bass Juice14 mA
Bloody Mary30 mA
Creamer Reverb70 mA
Comp-Nova11 mA
Diva Drive11 mA
Dr Swamp13 mA
Duck Tail90 mA
Fat Shuga Boost/Reverb66 mA
Gristle King8 mA
Luxury Drive7 mA
Karma Boost10 mA
Michaelangelo (MAB) overdrive7 mA
Mudhoney6 mA
Mudhoney 220 mA
Møller, Møller 216 mA
Neocomp24 mA
Nitros Hyperdrive30 mA
Octavius12vDC, 155 mA
Polyswitch19 mA
Quint Machine145 mA
Replay Box110 mA
Replica (original version)12vDC or 12vAC, 120 mA
(10.8vDC min, 12.5vDC max)
Replica (new version)9vDC, 145 mA
Replicator24vDC, 300 mA
Replicator D’luxe12vDC, 300 mA
Replicator JR12vDC, 200 mA
Reptile, Reptile 2120 mA
Room-Mate12vDC, 300 mA
Room-Mate JR85 mA
Shafter wah45 mA
Soulmate12vDC, 360 mA
(11.5v min, 12.5v max)
Soulmate Acoustic12vDC, 560 mA
(11.5v min, 12.5v max)
Spindoctor Overdrive/Preamp12vDC, 1.2A (1200mA) stated
Squeezer12vDC, 260 mA
Sweeper Bass Chorus, Sweeper 290 mA
Tapster90 mA
Tonebug Chorus+Flanger75 mA
Tonebug Distortion7 mA
Tonebug Overdrive7 mA
Tonebug Phaser75 mA
Tonebug Reverb75 mA
Tremonti Phaser81 mA
Tremster7 mA
Tunemaster8 / 25 / 68 mA
(bypass / active / tuning)
TwinBoost33 mA
Twister81 mA
Twister 285 mA
Viper12vDC, 162 mA
Vulture distortion16 mA

Guitar Center/Musician’s Friend exclusives
Crunchy Frog overdrive50 mA
Emmie delay & boost82 mA
Tap Tone delay85 mA
Yellow Drive distortion50 mA
Whirly Verb modulation90 mA

Thomann exclusives
Dual Drive distortion50 mA
Ego boost n’ drive20 mA
Ghost Tone reverb130 mA
Play Back delay85 mA

Note: Except where otherwise specified, all pedals use 9vDC, with 12.5vDC max input voltage.

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