PedalCurrent drawVoltage/info
Crown3 mA
Experience Fuzz – Octave5 mA
Galactic Modulation56 mA
Gravity (G) Spot800 mA12vDC (supplied adapter)
Hubble3 mA
Molecular Boost10 mA9vDC only
MultiCab4115 – 125 mA9-12vDC
MultiCab MkII10 mA
MultiCab Mk3.5100 mA
Nerve MkII6 mA
Ocean v256 mA
Phonkify56 mA
Riff Raff MkII9 mA
Room #430 mA9vDC only
Six, Six MA1S10 mA9vDC only
Ti.Lay. (Time Layer)22 mA
Tremmatic5 mA
Zipper MkII35 mA9vDC only

Note: Except where noted, all pedals are designed for 9vDC, with ”12V ok” mentioned. So 9vDC is recommended, but 12vDC will not damage it. Those that say ”9vDC only” will be damaged by anything above 10 volts DC!