PedalCurrent draw
Nano and XO series
#1 Echo185 mA
360 Nano Looper90 mA
B9 / C9 Organ Machine100 mA
BassBalls Nano3 mA
Bass Big Muff Nano4 mA
Bass Big Muff Pi7 mA
Bass Blogger0/8 mA [Power is off in bypass. Positive ground - requires separate power source]
Bass Micro Synth55 mA
Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker5 mA
Cathedral165 mA
Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi14 mA
Deluxe Memory Boy100 mA
Double Muff3 mA
Dr Q Nano2 mA
Freeze140 mA
Holy Grail Plus180-195 mA
Hum Debugger7,5vAC, 125 mA
Little Big Muff4 mA
LPB-1 Nano0.5 / 1.3 mA
Graphic Fuzz100 mA
Holy Grail Nano110 mA
Memory Boy30 mA (45 mA stated)
Memory Toy18 mA
Metal Muff with Top Boost24 mA
Micro Metal Muff18 mA
Micro POG180 mA
Micro Synth55 mA
Nano Clone10 mA [Positive ground - requires separate power source]
Nano Small Stone12 mA
Octave Multiplexer11 mA
Octavix9/62 mA (9/24v mode)
OD Glove6 mA (9v setting)
12 mA (18v setting)
Pitch Fork30 mA (stated)
Pocket Metal Muff9 mA
POG2180 mA
Riddle158 mA
Soul Food22 mA
Soul Preacher34 mA
Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai170mA
Stereo Pulsar17 mA
The Mole Nano1 mA
Original and reissue Big Muffs
Triangle knob version6 mA
"Ram's head" version8.2 mA
Model 3 (the "standard" Big Muff)3.2 mA
Op-amp version, brown pcb (EH-3003)3.2 mA
Op-amp version, green pcb (EH1322)4 mA
Black russian RI4.2 mA
Green russian RI6 mA
Tan russian RI4.9 mA
NYC Reissue Big Muff4.5 mA
Note: Many of the Big Muff readings came from Dirk, my Muff connosieur friend from Germany. Visit his site at www.singlecoil.com!
Other (big box) EHX pedals
Deluxe Memory Man
(wall wart version)
24vDC, 41 mA
(2.5mm center positive plug)
Doctor Q Envelope filter0.5 / 2.8 mA
Holy Grail225 mA (tip positive 1/8" plug)
Mini Qtron3 mA
Muff Fuzz2 mA
Small Clone (Russia)7 mA
Small Clone (USA)10 mA
Pulsar15 / 18 mA
POG, Holier Grail, Hoax (18vDC, center +)